“Streets, alleys, empty spaces. Painting by Maurice Blond and Samuel Tepler “

28 May 2021Wojciech Bagiński

September 14 – 26, 2021, Warsaw, PROM KULTURY, ul. Brukselska 23. Status: project completed.

Streets, alleys, emptiness. The paintings of Maurice Blond and Samuel Tepler “are an exhibition of two painters who have a lot in common – both are Jews from Poland, and a lot separates them – the experience of a generation difference (Blond was born in 1899, Tepler in 1918) or the place of residence: France and Israel. They both share a certain subtlety of gaze, careful tenderness in observing the world. 

It seems that the work of artists from the Ecole de Paris circle is already well known in Poland. Within this great, international group of artists, we still can find artists whose sensitivity speaks to ours, whose works reveal new worlds for us.

We will invite you to the exhibition “Streets, alleys, empty spaces” on September 14-26, 2021, to the Saska Kępa PROM KULTURY, ul. Brukselska 23.
Access: Buses: 117, 146; Trams: none, but to get to the exhibition it is worth walking down Francuska Street.

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