Guide to Warsaw’s wooden architecture.

15 May 2022Hubert Kosiniec

In the coming days we will begin work on a publication concerning the issue of protecting historic wooden architecture in Warsaw. This will be the next item in a series of guides to good architectural practice initiated and funded by the Warsaw’s Heritage Protection Department.

Wooden architecture preserved within Warsaw’s borders is a phenomenon that is not yet fully recognised and far too poorly publicised. At present, wooden houses account for approximately three per cent of all historic buildings within the city’s boundaries, but unfortunately their number is decreasing year by year. At the same time we can observe a growing awareness of the value of this type of buildings among the inhabitants, which is facilitated by popularization campaigns initiated by social activists, journalists and conservationists. It is not without significance that there are now greater opportunities than in the past to obtain funds for conservation and repair works from institutions responsible for the protection of cultural heritage

The guide we are preparing will aim to promote and disseminate among the owners and users of wooden houses examples of appropriate conservation methods and solutions, and to highlight the most common mistakes made. It is intended to serve as a guide through the entire conservation process – from theoretical, formal and legal conditions to a collection of practical hints and tips. We would also like it to make it easier for potential investors to understand the specificity of wooden architecture and the need to respect historical material. Thanks to that it is possible to avoid unfavourable actions causing irreversible changes and losses in historic resources.

The research area is limited to the present boundaries of the city of Warsaw, but the guide will be addressed to everyone interested in old wooden buildings, no matter where they are located and what their relations are.

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